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Expert lecture and workshop
“The museum and possibilities for adaptation”
12 – 16 March 2008

Associations that work on promoting accessibility to cultural institutions and contents also had the opportunity to expand and supplement their knowledge firsthand from an expert who has been working eight years on access projects in museums in England. In order to inspire and bring awareness to the need for adaptation of public spaces, the program was also aimed at those public institutions (archives, libraries) that have the legal obligation to implement a Rulebook on Accessibility of buildings to people with disabilities and reduced mobility.


The international cooperation of various museums, including Colchester and Ipswich Museums, with the Typhlological Museum shows that museums through exchange and transfer of expert experiences can influence and call for raising the degree of accessibility in public institutions, in this case museums.

In the world around 10% of the population are people with disabilities, and if we include family members who experience the consequences of disability, we can estimate that a quarter of the population has living difficulties as a result of disability. A society that nurtures and promotes a positive system of human rights should be turning its attention to all forms of inclusiveness of the individual into that same society. Meeting an individual’s needs is no longer linked only to material status but expands also to the spiritual dimension, and enforcing equal opportunity is inseparable from the modern approach to the application of human rights. Society has, in signing various international conventions, obligated itself to do all that it can to alleviate the consequences that disability may have for the individual. On the path to this realization lies education along with an expert community as well as those with disabilities themselves.