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Aware of the times we are living in and the importance of a quality presence on the internet, we have made a step forward into the virtual reality that today is one of the inevitable and the most interesting forms of communication. Web pages of the Typhlological Museum are first of all promotional pages that provide basic information about our museum, but they also have educational content that is intended to encourage people to visit our website again and to inspire a desire to visit the actual museum.

The projection of the actual museum on the Internet is intended to connect the visitor, the object/museum and the information, to entwine an interrelational, interdisciplinary and multimedial presentation of the museological information. The content and the way of presentation on the website are in accordance with the Mission Statement of the Typhological Museum and derived from it.

Our presence in the virtual reality has allowed for the disabled people, especially people with visual impairments, to be granted different possibilities in using our content. Adjustment and accessibility of our web pages is one of many activities we are undertaking so as to improve the quality of life of the disabled people.

Aware of the fact that web pages are at present only a means of promotion, our goal in the future is to make a true virtual museum in which the impossible becomes possible, in the sense of forming and creating new exhibitions and similar.