About us

Educational activities

The basic goal of the educational process is to make the Typhlological Museum more recognizable, interesting and contemporary. Therefore, what we are trying to do is to improve communication with the community the Museum operates in.

We wish to convey the message of the museum through different activities and achieve our goals and missions in practice so as to inspire social dialogue and support the community through cultural activities. The starting point is learning through experience which blurs sharp distinctions and barriers between education, availability, integration, social inclusiveness as well as museological interpretation. The basic idea we want to convey is the promotion of equal opportunities for all people regardless of sex, age, social status or any other form of difference.

We find inspiration and encouragement for our work in museum collections, the society that surrounds us, the potential and the existing public as well as in different forms of education. The main educational-communicative activities we offer are: direct teaching (lectures, guidance, workshops); information services (replying to inquiries; providing teaching material, bibliographies, notes and instructions for educators, teachers and professors); services regarding museum’s work within the Museum itself (education through exhibitions, publications, travelling exhibitions and events) and finally, services outside the walls of the Museum (travelling exhibitions, video presentations, book lending service).