About us

Mission Statement

The Typhlological Museum is a specialized museum, and its name comes from the Greek words "typhlos" (blind) and "logos" (narration, speech, thought, reason).

The Museum is a public governmental institution that collects, stores, researches, documents and communicates tangible and non-tangible materials related to people with special needs, with an emphasis on people with visual impairment.

With its activities, the Museum endeavours to introduce the social community to the world of those who are visually impaired and in this way foster harmonious and tolerant relations between people, at the same time respecting the individuality of every person. The Museum is a place in which people with disabilities can participate actively in its activities, and a place which simultaneously enables the social community to become familiar with the lives of disabled persons. It will act as a possible corrective mechanism in society in that with its activities it will stimulate the community to correct and change possible negative perceptions about people with disabilities.

The Museum will realize its goals by communicating with visitors and cooperating with museum institutions, related institutes, organizations, educational facilities – with all those places dealing with disabilities both here and abroad.