Typhlological museum Library

The Typhlological museum Library is in the category of special libraries. It collects, stores and processes library material in black print, mostly regarding the area of visual impairments.

It offers comprehensive, expert and scientific information from its field of interest. The library is in possession of 7000 units of library material.

Most of the library holdings consist of a collection of periodicals including expert journals from the practical and theoretical field of special education and related scientific areas. The material is in Croatian and other world languages as well.

Other publications in the library regard the material having to do with the activities of the museum and include exhibition catalogues, publications by museums and related institutions, posters, invitations, all publications of the Typhlological Museum, as well as a collection of books covering the field of art and pedagogy.

The oldest publications of the Typhological Museum library written in Croatian date back to the beginnings of theoretical and practical work regarding special education in Croatia i.e. back to the end of the 19th century (Friend of the blind and the deaf-mute, edited by Vinko Bek) as well as publications in German and French dating from the beginning of the 19th century, collected by Vinko Bek personally.