Exhibition Gabriela Butković - Tangibility of Form


On Thursday, 7 November 2019, the opening of the exhibition Gabriela Butković - Tangibility of Form

The exhibition is open until 7 February 2020. The exhibition featuring 8 exhibited sculptures from the Shadow cycle fits into the concept of the Tactile Gallery of the Typhlological Museum in the most direct way.

Not only by name, but also by the way of creating individual works on which sheets of paper with printed letters in Braille were laminated.
Of special interest is the (non)connection of the name of the sculpture with the name of the exhibition. Shadow versus Tangibility. Shadow opposite Form.
For a shadow is a surface touched by no ray of light. The author gives the name of something intangible to her sculptures, inviting you to feel the spaciousness of that intangible, created by her imagination.