60 years of the Tactile Gallery of the Typhlological Museum


Autor: Igor Maroević and Nina Sivec

With this exhibition, we present a unique gallery activity of the Typhlological Museum called the Tactile Gallery, in which blind amateur sculptors and academic authors exhibit equally. Its specific feature is that the exhibited works can be experienced through touch. The first exhibition from the Tactile Gallery cycle was held in 1961, at which the works of the blind amateur sculptor Remzija Đumišić were presented. Since then, more than 40 exhibitions from the Tactile Gallery cycle have been held. Eight artists were presented at this exhibition: Remzija Đumišić, Želimir Janeš, Vlado Horvatinec, Julija Kalmar, Ivan Ferlan, Marko Pogačnik, Damir Mataušić and Sanja Fališevac, whose works have already been exhibited within the Tactile Gallery and are part of the Typhlological Museum. In addition to the sculptures, the accompanying documentation, posters and photographs are on display, which testify to the exhibition activities of the Tactile Gallery.
Photos by Renato Vukić