Danijela Šušak: Vasko Lipovac, Tactile Interpretations

04.04.2017 - 02.05.2017

Lokacija: Typhlological Museum

Autor: Danijela Šušak, Morana Vouk

Danijela Šušak: Vasko Lipovac, Tactile Interpretations was opened at the Typhological Museum on 4 April, 2017 at 7 p.m. The author of the exhibition concept, Morana Vouk, curator at the Typhlological Museum, and Danijela Šušak, art pedagogist, created an exhibition which, apart from the original artwork of Vasko Lipovac, showed tactile interpretations of his work created by young artist Danijela Šušak. VAL – Vasko Lipovac Association and Vasko Lipovac Atelier cooperated in this exhibition, with Danijela Šušak as expert associate.

“How to depict and bring artwork closer to the blind? It is much easier to do it with sculptures, works that tackle the forms of volume in space, unlike paintings and drawings that are related to flat surfaces and, therefore, often escape the understanding of the blind. Simple forms, clear symbols, and strong contrasts will contribute to the greater quality of the perception of artwork among the blind. The blind are quite simple in the artistic expression. Their works are usually simple signs based on their own tactile experiences.

The works of Vasko Lipovac fit into this perfectly. His sculptural simplicity, forms, characters, and the symbolism of the figures will easily bring his motives closer to tactile observers as well. The artistic opus of Vasko Lipovac is easily recognizable by its symbolism and simplicity, but also by its extreme originality. At first glance, even among the sighted visitors, what grasps attention the most are his unforgettable cyclists, sailors, fish, waves, and quite special human figures. On this occasion, the blind will have the chance to embark on tactile exploration of his work. Like the artist himself, who forms and checks his works with hands, they will have the chance to take his place for a moment and identify with his works, which will take them to different situations and some other time. The visitors will have the chance to explore his paintings, not only his sculptures. Using new technologies, surface works have been redone and presented as reliefs using the so-called “blind print” and fully adapted to the visually impaired. The sighted visitors will also be able to experience art in this manner.

Apart from the exhibition and the tactile experience of artwork, this is an opportunity for art pedagogists to see how clean surfaces, the characteristic symbolism of Vasko Lipovac, and the simplicity of his expression can work better in the world of the visually impaired. In this example, Vasko Lipovac’s works are an ideal choice.”