Stopped Motion

19.01.2017 - 28.02.2018

Lokacija: Typhlological Museum

Autor: Igor Maroević

The „Stopped Motion“ is the 18th independent exhibition of deaf-blind sculptor Sanja Fališević and her second exhibition at the Typhlological Museum. It marks the 40th anniversary of the Tactile Gallery of the Typhlological Museum, which has presented exhibits available for the visitors to touch since its opening in 1978.

From her creative beginnings in 1979, Sanja Fališevac has remained faithful to clay, the classic sculpting material. In her abstract and figurative work, she focuses of living, mobile phenomena stopped in motion.

According to the author, her inspiration comes mostly from within. From her imagination and her thoughts. From her intimacy.

Enter Sanja Fališevac’s world of imagination. Take part in her intimacy. Allow yourselves to feel her art the way it was made.

Don’t (just) look at it. Close your eyes, extend your hand, touch, feel, recognize…