The Breathing (New) Life

05.10.2017 - 01.12.2017

Lokacija: Typhlological Museum

Autor: Nina Sivec

The Breathing (New) Life exhibition presents the oldest theater in the world where blind and partially sighted actors realize their inspiring acting creations.

For almost 70 years, the unique and original Theater of the Blind and the Partially Sighted “New Life” has been extending the limits of the possible through their artistic expression and enthusiasm. They have performed various genres, from commedia dell’arte, Greek tragedy, surrealism, modern drama, dance to children’s plays. Filled with enthusiasm and joy of life, they have achieved great successes and defied prejudice. After years of notable success and continuous improvement, they are left with a bitter taste since this theatre has not been formally recognized as a theatre, which closes many doors in the administrative sense and makes it uncompetitive on the open cultural market.